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ROKMAN Extreme Combo – Pack System


One of our most popular solutions is the ROKMAN Extreme Combo Pack System. This pack system gives you all the essentials! Enjoy the benefits of the pack frame and 2 of our most popular packs (the Pinnacle 2500 and the Basecamp 5000! Guaranteed to be something you'll love!

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ROKMAN Ultimate Combo – Pack System


The ultimate solution is the ROKMAN Extreme Combo Pack System. This pack system is the last system you will ever need. With the versatility of the ROKMAN QUICK-CHANGE SYSTEM in a matter of seconds, you can remove one pack from the Core-Flex Harness and change it out for another.

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ROKMAN Core-Flex Harness


The Core-Flex Harness is the backbone to the most technically advanced hunting pack system on the planet.

ROKMAN Pinnacle 2500 Pack


The PINNACLE 2500 is the smallest pack we offer to the1st true Quick-Change System, combined with 100% waterproof materials and a fully waterproof main compartment, gives you a pack capable of handling the most extreme conditions.

ROKMAN Scout 3800 Pack


The Scout 3800 Pack’s sleek design allows you to move quickly through terrain. Combine that with 100% waterproof materials, and a fully waterproof main compartment, gives you a pack capable of handling the most extreme conditions.

ROKMAN Basecamp 5000 Pack


The BASECAMP 5000 is the largest pack we currently offer. It works as a pack or a duffle bag. It integrates into the ROKMAN Quick-Change System.

ROKMAN Carbon Fiber – Pack Frame


The ROKMAN Pack Frame is must have. Offering mind-blowing strength-to-weight ratio and cool factor of carbon fiber, along with the industries 1 st true Quick-Change System, this pack frame gives you versatility never before seen in the industry.

Hydrapack Bladder



Simply put, some athletes thirst for more. That’s why we partnered with Hydrapak. It’s extremely durable, fully reversible for easy cleaning and helps you perform at your highest levels. 


Tough Skin: Reservoirs are made from super-tough, FDA approved thermoplastic polyurethane. It stays flexible in a wide range of temperatures, is puncture and abrasion resistant and can stretch up to eight times its original length without failing.

Easy to Clean: There’s no easier-cleaning drink system. Turns inside out in a flash to clean and dry. Fungus, mold and microbes don’t stand a chance.

Tube: A high flow drink tube is made of super pure FDA approved thermoplastic polyurethane.

Plug-N-Play: Our Plug-N-Play connector lets you detach the drink tube with the push of a button, even when the reservoir is full.

Bite Value: The EasyFlo bite valve is soft and easy to operate. Bite Harder, you get more water. A simple, one-handed shut-off lets you lock it closed for transport.



3 L / 100 fl oz unlocked - 2.5 L / 84 fl oz locked


154 g / 5.4 oz


445 mm / 17.4 in x 165 mm / 6.5 in


Thermoplastic Polyurethane; PP/POM; Silicone


ROKMAN Lockdown – Bino Case


The ROKMAN Lockdown Bino Case has set the new standard for binocular and rangefinder transport and protection.

Gun Case


ROKMAN Gun Case is constructed from 100% Waterproof TPU Bonded 420D High Tenacity Nylon Core fabric and 100% waterproof welded seams to protect your gun from the elements.

Side Kick


These handy little packs ingrate right into the existing straps on the Carbon Fiber Pack Frame or the side straps of any ROKMAN pack giving you that little extra space you need and still run light weight and streamline.

Waist Belt Pouch


These handy little pouches are designed to connect to the ROKMAN Core-Flex Harness waist belt, or anything with a belt.



The hook is equipped with 3M tape to simply peel and stick. DIMENSIONS


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