Order FAQ

  • Q: My package shows delivered and I never got it, what do I do?
    Before hitting the panic button let’s cover the most common places your package could be. The first step is to check with the members of your household and close neighbors. Occasionally the packages will be dropped off at the wrong house. If you don’t find it the next step is to contact the local courier who dropped off the package. They will have the most up to date information. If none of that turns up your package, give us a call and we will open a case for you, and work directly with you to resolve the issue.
  • Q: I can’t get my order to go through, it keeps giving me an error.
    That could be happening for multiple different reasons, but they all have an easy solution. The most common reason for an error is due to an incorrect billing address. Please verify the billing address you have entered matches the address on file with your bank. If the address is correct, just give us a call and we will make sure to get your order placed.
  • Q: Can I add to my order?
    Unfortunately once an order is placed our processing software does not allow us to add, remove, or change any items. We will have to cancel and replace your order with the correct items. If you need to amend your order, please contact us ASAP over the phone. We only have a small window of time so the sooner you call the better. 1-208-520-1088 
  • Q: Can I cancel my order?
    Cancellations are a time sensitive matter as we try to ship your items as fast as possible. Please do not rely on email for us to cancel your order. Please call us ASAP at 208.520.1088 and we will do our best to accommodate you. We have a very small window to cancel orders so the sooner the better.
  • Q: Can I use multiple discount codes? Unless otherwise stated, our promotions cannot be used in conjunction with one another. Only one promotional code can be used per order.