Basecamp 5000

The BASECAMP 5000 is the largest pack we currently offer. It works as a pack or a duffle bag. It integrates into the ROKMAN Quick-Change System.



ROKMAN Hunting Packs are constructed from 100% waterproof TPU bonded 420D High Tenacity Nylon core fabric and 100% waterproof RF welded seams, and with a fully waterproof main compartment it gives you the capability of handling the most extreme conditions.

Hydro Bladder Pocket

The easy access Hydro bladder pocket is located at the top of each pack. It is fully sealed from the rest of the pack so if your bladder ever leaks it will be contained to that pocket.


The Basecamp 5000 pack has multiple pockets so you can organize your camp gear. There are two internal mesh pockets, two external side pockets designed large enough for the spotting scopes or tripods, two smaller accessory pockets, one easy access hydro bladder top pocket, the main large compartment for those bulky items, and a pocket in the bottom that holds the load strap for those extra items that just don’t fit in a pack.


When the pack is connected to ROKMAN’s Core-Flex Harness the shoulder straps are engineered to curve around the neck and lay at a slight angle on the lat. Designed to keep them in the sweet spot, as to not fall off the shoulders or cut into your neck. Additionally the adjustable sternum strap helps stabilize and balance your load. The shoulder straps and Lumbar Support are constructed from ultra-soft spacer mesh and foam padding, designed for unmatched comfort and support.

Load Strap

Our exclusive “Nose-Hole” game strap allows you to securely attach any head/horn/cape/meat/bow/gun/gear, or odd ball item that just doesn’t fit inside a pack.

Patent Pending ROKMAN Quick-Change System

100% Waterproof and Fully Waterproof TiZiP® MasterSeal 6® Main Center Zipper

2 Silent Zippers on Accessory Pockets

100% Waterproof 420D High Tenacity Nylon Core Fabric

100% Waterproof Welded Seams

Exclusive “Nose-Hole” Game/Gun/Bow/Gear Strap

Full Length Spotting Scope Pockets on Each Side (2)

4 External and 2 Internal Storage Pockets

5000 cu in Total Volume

Built For a Fully Loaded 4-5 Day Adventure

73.6 oz (Bag Only)

Customer reviews

2 reviews for ROKMAN Basecamp 5000 Pack

  1. kingridge21

    You might want to start by reading my first review on the smaller pack page for some context. During my recent trip to Europe this larger pack was actually used as checked luggage. If you want a true test of any gear’s durability, check it on an international trip. Total of 6 flights for myself and this bag, and I can honestly say it looks exactly as it did when I bought it. Contrast that with my Eagle Creek luggage (supposed to be really high quality stuff) that took the same trip right along-side this bag and I think the quality of Rokman gear speaks for itself. That other bag had a bumper ripped off one corner, and one of the straps wore completely through. That said, I am probably the only weirdo that will check this bag, so here is a real world review of the performance on the trail. I spent 2 weeks with this bag backpacking across Norway. It held everything I needed for my trip, and stood up to all kinds of weather. Inside I could fit my: tent, tarp, sleeping bag, cook kit, clothes (warm and cold weather), survival kit (see other review), and food. The only things that went on the outside of this pack were my water bottle, and hiking poles (when I wasn’t using them). I did 2 weeks with ~60lbs of gear in this thing hiking every day and had no fatigue from the pack, NONE! I have never experienced this before. I credit this to the design of the harness, it is SO adjustable that if you are not comfortable in this thing, you are doing it wrong. The padding is perfect, and the way it sits, you do not end up with sweaty back syndrome. It contacts you only on the lower back, and then between the shoulder blades, so your entire mid-back stays sweat free. I would also often loosed the straps to allow it to lean away from my upper back, so the only sweat I had was on my lower back/hips. I love this gear, and am forever a customer. You can’t go wrong with this stuff. Bottom line (TLDR); buy it, you won’t regret it.

  2. Justin Kofford

    Last summer I climbed Kings Peak in UT and took the Basecamp 5000 pack with me. The pack stayed comfortable on my back the whole trip. My hydration bladder leaked on me and the bladder pouch 100% did not leak into my bag. Also on top of that the last 4 miles or so on our way back to the truck my brother in law and I got poured on. When I got home and opened my bag all my gear was as dry as when I put it in that morning. It made me even more of a believer in the Rokman gear. I’m currently working on adding more pieces to my collection.

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