Carbon Fiber Pack Frame


The ultralight ROKMAN Carbon Fiber Pack Frame offers a mind blowing strength-to-weight ratio. It integrates into ROKMAN’s stackable and adaptable pack system by attaching to the Core-Flex Harness with a simple pin-and pocket attachment system. The load capacity is 250 pounds. ROKMAN’s exclusive Nose Hole Stowable Strap secures your game, gun, gear or bow. The bottom frame support doubles has a padded chair for glassing or in-camp comfort.

Quick Specifications
15” x 31”
Offering mind blowing strength-to-weight ratio.
The bottom frame support transforms the pack frame into a chair
250 lbs of load capacity
“MetaMorph” Quick-Change System
Integrates into ROKMAN®’s MetaMorph™ Quick-Change System
Ultralight carbon fiber construction for mind blowing strength-to-weight ratio
Exclusive Nose-Hole Stowable Strap for securing game, gun, gear or bow
Bottom frame support doubles as a padded chair (with backrest) for glassing or in-camp comfort
Load Capacity: 250 lbs


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