Warranty FAQ

  • Q: What is the process of a warranty claim?
    The first step in a warranty claim is to register your gear at ROKMANGEAR.com within 60 days from purchase date. At the bottom of the website you’ll find our Warranty/Info tab. There you will create an account by adding your name, email, phone number (if you haven’t already). Upload a brief description of how the pack/product was being used when it broke. Upload two photos of the damaged area. If you want to make it an easier process please include: the order number, first and last name of the purchaser, color and size of your item, and a ballpark of when the item was purchased. That will make it easy for us to find the original order.
  • Q: How do I qualify for the lifetime warranty?
    Register your gear within 60 days of original purchase date. 
  • Q: What if I didn’t register my gear within the 60 days, do I qualify?
    The first step in a warranty claim is to register your gear at ROKMANGEAR.com, and then submit a warranty claim. A warranty customer service rep will reach out to you regarding your claim. 
  • Q: If I have a warranty issue, do I have to send the original back?
    Yes, we always like to see product failures in person.
  • Q: How do I process a warranty claim if I am international?
    You don’t need to do anything different. Just follow the instructions in the first question about the warranty process. You will be responsible for the duties and shipping expenses to and from your country. 
  • Q: If my item is sold out or no longer carried, how do I warranty my item?
    If your item is sold out or cannot be repaired, we will send you a replacement when we receive the next shipment. If your item has been discontinued, we will upgrade you to the next closest available option from your original purchase. 
  • Q: How soon will I receive my new product?
    If all the information is provided and you are the original purchaser, we typically have a 3-5 day response time on the email. Once you have the email and label, shipping may take a few days to be received by us. Once we receive the warranted item the order will be placed and a confirmation will be sent to you.
  • Q: I have a trip coming up and need this item, is there an expedited option?
    If you are in a time crunch and need your replacement quicker, we can accommodate that. Once you have the label and put the item in the mail, email info@rokmangear.com the tracking information. Once the tracking is active and the package is on its way back we will place your replacement order. 
  • Q: If my replacement item doesn’t fit can I exchange it?
    Yes, just send an email to info@rokmangear.com and let us know and we will work with you to have the product swapped out.
  • Q: I didn’t purchase my item from ROKMAN®, is it covered?
    We only cover the original purchaser. Any item bought second hand or from a 3rd party is not covered under our warranty policy. If proof of purchase cannot be provided or found, the warranty is void.
  • Q: My item was a gift, is it covered under warranty?
    Yes, but when you email us, please include the full name of the person who purchased it and your shipping address.
  • Q: What isn’t covered under warranty?
    ROKMAN’s gear is designed and built with a balance of weight, comfort, performance, and durability as the goal. While ROKMAN® products do excel in all of these aspects, it is not indestructible. Sharp rocks, stiff limbs, and unexpected falls can push any fabric or clothing type beyond its limit.
    Any problem that is caused by abuse, misuse, or an act of nature (fire, flood, etc.) is not covered. Snags, stains, pilling, discoloration, deterioration, burns, or damage from normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty. Our packs are used in the most demanding applications and environments. Under these conditions and over time, the ROKMAN® product may experience normal wear and tear and require repair. While normal wear and tear is not considered a “defect” and is not covered by the ROKMAN® Lifetime Warranty.